Katalyst Technologies New Optimized Picking Algorithm a Game Changer

CHICAGO, June 22, 2017 — Katalyst Technologies, Inc., a global technology services and solutions provider, has invented a new algorithm for picking inventory in a warehouse or store (patent pending).  Katalyst also announced a new white paper which describes the algorithm and further explores pick path optimization in warehouse management systems for retail and wholesale sales organizations.

Katalyst’s findings suggest that their new algorithm results in a significant savings in the distance travelled by a picker in picking a batch of items and, consequently delivers significant cost savings.  Since labor costs represent as much as half of the cost of running a warehouse and picking costs a substantial fraction of labor costs, reducing picking costs, as Katalyst’s new algorithm does, can result in significant savings.

In addition to the savings in picking costs, Katalyst’s new algorithm, unlike commonly used heuristic approaches, may be used in warehouses with any geometry including circular or irregular layouts and is not limited to warehouses laid out in rectangles with parallel rows of shelves, greatly broadening the applicability of their approach.

Additionally, the computational efficiency of Katalyst’s approach makes it appropriate for uses such as rapid recalculation for alternate or restock locations, again improving the applicability of the approach.  David Schuler, Chief Architect at Katalyst, said, “My colleague, Wayne Ma, and I are very pleased with the strategy we’ve invented and believe it will produce significant savings in the cost of running a warehouse.”

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper, visit www.katalysttech.com

About Katalyst:

Katalyst Technologies is one of the fastest-growing IT companies headquartered in Chicago.  Katalyst’s business and technology experts are highly skilled, work seamlessly across multiple industries, geographies and technologies.  Katalyst is a trusted technology partner for servicing your enterprise.  Katalyst currently employs over 500 professionals-including their offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and India.  


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