Join Accelerance at Nexus 2017, May 23-24, for a Platform of Provocative Talks on Nearshore Outsourcing of Software Development, Key Business Initiatives

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Accelerance, which connects companies that need software development services with the most qualified outsourcing firms around the globe, is taking the stage at Nexus 2017, May 23-24 at the Google Quad in Mountain View, Calif. Accelerance is set to join numerous other leading enterprises as a presenter, exhibitor and Alliance Partner, for provocative and informative talks on nearshore outsourcing to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nexus 2017 is the preeminent gathering of executives to tackle the complex topics regarding the nearshoring of software development, IT, business-process services and customer care to Latin America and the Caribbean. The event features thought-leaders from Silicon Valley to outspoken entrepreneurs, nearshore service providers, leading enterprises, expert analysts and more. Register at

Why Latin America and the Caribbean for outsourcing software development? According to Steve Mezak, the founder and CEO of Accelerance, “Many U.S.-based CTOs and technology leaders are turning to these regions for software outsourcing for a variety of benefits, including: access to world-class talent, their close proximity to North American clients, robust IT programs that yield skilled programmers, the nearness of time zones that allow for highly-collaborative software-development, excellent English-language skills and cultural similarities, and cost benefits of the regions, which compete favorably with other countries.”

Accelerance, which routinely connects enterprises with the best software development firms in Latin America and beyond, will speak with Nexus 2017 attendees on why companies outsource software development, the benefits, and how Accelerance helps enterprises simplify the process of selecting world-class, pre-vetted software outsourcing providers.

Mezak will also moderate a panel session called “Lessons from the Frontline,” a roundup of lessons learned from cross-border partnerships. Panelists include: Hui Wu-Curtis, senior director of customer care strategy within Shared Services for Choice Hotels; Karl Rottmann, senior director of IT at Cylance; Owen Tran, chief technology officer, Points International; Zhiyin Pan, vice president of engineering at Chartio; and Roberto Martinez, CEO of Nearsoft. During the session, attendees will hear from leaders who have spearheaded outsourcing initiatives, their challenges and their victories. The session takes place on May 24 at 1 p.m. PDT.

Kirk Laughlin, managing director of Nearshore Americas, the organizer of Nexus 2017, notes, “The nearshore services industry continues to mature by scaling to meet new client demands, tapping new labor pools and applying new tools to fill requirements. Without question, the nearshore landscape is changing – and these changes are producing many new insights and lessons for both providers and customers. At Nexus 2017, and in the Accelerance session with Steve Mezak, find out what those lessons are and how the nearshore stacks up against outsourcing delivery ecosystems around the world.”

To learn more about issues related to nearshoring software development (as well as IT, business-process services and customer care) to Latin America and the Caribbean, register for Nexus 2017, and join other enterprises, including: Belatrix, Freshdesk, iTexico, Kellogg Company, MEXICOIT, Nearshore Delivery Solutions, Pew Research, PwC Canada, QS2 Point, Qualfon, Tata Consultancy Services and Wizeline, among many others.

And for enterprises and CTOs that are ready to outsource software development, Accelerance’s new report the 2017 Guide to Global Software Outsourcing Rates presents the competitive global rates an enterprise or CTO can expect to pay when outsourcing to various regions. The free guide can be downloaded here:

About Accelerance
Accelerance (@accelerance) connects companies that need software engineering services with the most qualified outsourcing firms around the globe. As the global software outsourcing authority, Accelerance sets the standard for software outsourcing best practices and has developed a proven process for verifying the skills, references, business practices and trustworthiness of top software service providers in more than 60 countries. Accelerance’s proprietary Rapid Referral System reduces the time it takes to identify and select a trusted outsourcing partner from five months to five days. To talk to an Accelerance Advisor about your software needs, visit

About Nexus 2017
Nearshore Nexus (@nearshorenexus) was founded in New York City in 2011 and quickly established itself as the premiere conference for the thriving Nearshore services industry. The Nexus conference was relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, to capitalize on the growing interest of Silicon Valley firms in expanding relationships with ICT partners across the Americas. The Nexus conference aids attendees in understanding how to build powerful outsourcing alliances across the nearshore Americas – in software development, IT, business-process services and customer care.  Visit


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