Jessica Frick Appointed Vice President of Operations at PushFire

​​PushFire announces today that Jessica Frick has joined the digital marketing firm as the new Vice President of Operations. Jessica has a proven background in the digital marketing space, having spent the last five years as the Vice President of Operations for Rainmaker Digital, providing operations, marketing, personnel, affiliate, and event production management. Jessica graduated cum laude from Rollins College with a BA in organizational communication.

Jessica’s appointment at PushFire will help further the company’s success as a leading provider of paid search management and digital marketing services. In her role as VP of Operations, Jessica will focus on improving operational efficiency, overseeing personnel management, aiding with business development efforts, and managing vendor relationships. Jessica stated, “I’ve worked with PushFire in the past as a client, and I could not be more excited to become a part of their team. I’ve long admired PushFire’s industry-leading expertise and steadfast ethics, so it’s truly an honor and privilege to be able to join them in this capacity.”

Adding Jessica to the team comes at the perfect moment, as we’re experiencing some exciting internal transitioning.

Sean Dolan,
President & COO

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PushFire’s President & COO, Sean Dolan said, “We’re growing at a fast pace. Adding Jessica to the team comes at the perfect moment, as we’re experiencing some exciting internal transitioning. She’s incredibly talented, and we have no doubt that her strength in management, organization and business development will be strong assets to our accelerating growth and long-term business goals.”

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Sean Dolan, President & COO

Source: PushFire