Is it Art or is it Crime?

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 22, 2017 — The Art | Crime Archive (ACA), the online archive of transgressive art and creative criminality, announced today the launch of its new web-based platform:

“The Art | Crime Archive’s website is a great space for artists, academics, students, or anyone interested in art and crime to post and comment on articles, and to engage in conversations about the shadow space where creativity and deviance overlap,” said Paul Kaplan, professor of criminology and ACA co-director.

The ACA’s method involves locating, archiving, and studying visual, audio, and text artifacts that illuminate the cultural similarities between deviant art and criminal behaviors.  The work product is a dynamic archive which can be configured and re-configured for a multiplicity of contexts — art exhibitions, academic presentations, community awareness panels, etc. Due to the controversial nature of the content – Is it art or is it crime? – the ACA seeks to foster sincere dialog from its community of readers and authors. Recent topics have included:

  • Bucking the binary: Alternatives to either keeping or removing Confederate monuments
  • Graffiti: Urban blight or timeless expression?
  • The Ethics of “Murderabilia”
  • The aesthetics of the Ponzi Scheme

The launch of the ACA’s new site coincides with the semester-long course, The Cultural Lives of Art & Crime, taught this Fall by ACA co-director Brian Goeltzenleuchter at The Weber Honors College, San Diego State University.

About the Art | Crime Archive

The ACA was created in 2012, and since its inception has functioned as a participatory archive for a wide range of scholars, artists, students, and community members.  The website’s content—over 500 articles submitted from around the globe—is entirely user-generated. The ACA is part of San Diego State University’s (SDSU) Institute for Public and Urban Affairs (IPUA), and is directed by artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter, criminologist Paul Kaplan, and computer engineer Dan Salmonsen

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