Intel® Product Resellers Wanted for Ecommerce Service

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 13, 2017 — CMTL, (, (Computer Memory Test Labs), announced today that it is seeking resellers of Intel approved server and NUC products to populate a new ecommerce service that is in the process of being added to the CMTL website. The reseller product categories will include among others: systems, motherboards, memory, flash, processors and peripherals. The ecommerce links will be posted at the top of each Intel server and NUC search page. Example links: Intel server ecommerce, Intel NUC ecommerce.

CMTL President, John Deters, stated, “The ecommerce capability being added to CMTL’s website represents a significant expansion to CMTL’s businesses model and a new focus. For over 20 years CMTL has been limited to performing advanced compatibility testing, with results posted on our website and Intel’s. There was not a quick and convenient way to then purchase the approved products. A number of new developments will now make an ecommerce service inclusive enough to warrant implementing on CMTL’s website. Having quick access to purchase only tested and approved products from resellers direct or through fulfillment operations such as Amazon® will be an extremely convenient tool. Up until now, misleading at times, somewhat confusing and cumbersome multiple Google® searches have been the primary method to find sources.”

About CMTL: Established in 1996 in cooperation with Intel, CMTL is an independent test lab that performs memory and flash product compatibility/functionality testing on all Intel server and NUC computer platforms and systems. Products pass the Intel Advanced test process by CMTL are listed on each specific platform/system approved product list in real-time.

Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Google is a registered trade mark of Goggle Corporation. Amazon is a registered trademark of Amazon Corporation; CMTL is a service mark of Computer Memory Test Labs Inc.                                 


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