IDENTV Fulfills Promise of Programmatic Television through Artificial Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2017 — As evidence mounts that video ads perform better when they appear on TV as well as social media, IDENTV announced that it continues to expand its suite of AI-driven content recognition tools, which provide significantly better targeting data in real-time for advertisers that run campaigns across both channels.

A recent study conducted by Facebook and Kantar Worldpanel analyzed 13 separate video campaigns by major brands that ran across the social network and TV.  The results showed significant better performance when both channels were used.

“I don’t believe that brands have to choose between broadcasting or digital channels, especially when it comes to video.  They are not mutually exclusive.  Technologies like ours, powered by machine learning and computer vision, are making the best of both worlds possible – increase awareness and drive purchases,” said Mohammad Shihadah, Chairman and CEO of IDENTV.   

Three key takeaways from the Facebook study are:  A 29% uplift in likelihood of purchase when people are exposed to ads on both channels confirms this is a more effective strategy for driving sales; the lower cost and better segmentation associated with reaching people on Facebook makes a dual-channel approach very attractive for brand advertisers; and because TV is still far superior for brand awareness, marketers should do a combination of both.

Using artificial intelligence, the IDENTV Intelligent Videofingerprinting Platform can recognize any face, any object, or any brand or logo, and can even detect the context of an activity on a scene, such as a sports match.  Users can search and access video elements instantaneously and retrieve powerful metadata.

Recently the company released the JUICER, a major breakthrough in automated indexing and search of vast amounts of video for broadcasting, television and other large media and entertainment companies, sectors that are increasingly struggling to keep up in analyzing audiovisual content. 

“The Facebook study is just the tip of the iceberg.  We monitor and index hundreds of channels 24/7 and identify in real-time hundreds of thousands of ads that reach tens of millions of consumers on a daily basis. We can state without a doubt that the promise of Programmatic TV is finally here,” added Shihadah.

IDENTV leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the way the world searches and exploits massive video. With offices in San Francisco and Virginia, a global team of talented scientists and engineers, and clients in the Television, Media, and National Security domains, IDENTV was recently selected as one of the Top 5 Artificial Intelligence companies in the DC area.

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