Horizon Community School: A New Public-Private Educational Partnership in the San Francisco Bay Area

MILL VALLEY, Calif., June 23, 2017 — At a time when our nation’s education policies are rife with contention, an innovative partnership has been forged between Community Action Marin, a public agency, and a Mill Valley private school, Marin Horizon School, to provide quality early childhood education in Marin City. The new program, Horizon Community School, is built on a strong symbiotic relationship: an independent school working alongside other non-profit agencies to serve a common purpose of making a positive impact on all children in Marin County.

The community of Marin City was born from the need to accommodate war-time shipyard workers and other immigrants to California during World War II. Marin City, a mere two miles from the affluent hamlet of Mill Valley, has a socioeconomic and ethnic makeup that stands in stark contrast with the mostly wealthy and Caucasian Marin County demographic. Community Action Marin (CAM) has operated quality child-care centers in Marin City for over 25 years and serves over 600 children and working families throughout the county; however, the demand for early childhood education options for these families in Marin City far exceeds the availability. Marin Horizon administration and long-time Marin City residents saw an opportunity and began facilitating the partnership.

Horizon Community School, a partnership among Marin Horizon School, CAM and other community programs will provide educational services to children who, for various reasons, have been unable to participate in existing Marin City early childhood educational experiences. As Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools describes, “What is unique about this proposal is the partnership of a proven service provider—CAM—with a prestigious private school’s proven 38-year record of serving students.”

The partnership honors the Marin Horizon School mission to foster and respect diversity within the local community and the world, to provide real-world experiences that promote collaboration and multicultural respect, and it aligns with the school’s overall strategic plan to build relationships outside of its immediate community. The interaction among the campuses will benefit all students as diverse learning environments promote higher student achievement and benefit all racial groups.

Horizon Community School opens its doors in August, with 12 two-year-olds, prioritizing Marin City residents. In the coming years, the program will expand to three- and four-year-olds, with a total of 36 children, thus providing essential preparation for success wherever they matriculate for kindergarten and beyond. The Horizon Community School campus, located in Marin City, will be an adjunct to the Marin Horizon campus, and students and teachers will have the opportunity to commingle at each location for events and activities.

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