Helen Doron Announces ‘Young Heroes’ Campaign Winners

LONDON, June 26, 2017

Hundreds of children from 23 countries participated in 143 projects as part of the international ‘Young Heroes’ project created by the Helen Doron Educational Group. Young Heroes was designed to empower children to become better world citizens, enabling them to be heroes and bring about change in their communities.

Helen Doron English has always been about teaching values – encouraging children to help each other and care for animals and the environment. The projects carried out by our teachers, parents, and children were moving and inspiring,” says Helen Doron, CEO of Helen Doron English. “Our Young Heroes reached out and touched their community in every way possible -from raising money for sick and special needs children, visiting the elderly and brightening up their day, cleaning up the environment, planting trees, beautifying parks, helping homeless animals get forever homes, and so much more.”

The winner of the Young Heroes competition is the Young Baggins team from the Helen Doron Ivanka pri Dunaji Learning Centre, Slovakia with their Reusable Bags project. The students used leftover materials that they sewed into special bags and handed them out to 100 people. By giving shoppers reusable bags, they prevented the use of plastic bags, which take years to decompose.

In second place, Helen Doron Nitra from Slovakia, Small Hands Can Clean the World distributed 260 ‘rubbish kits’ to students and kindergartners who went out with their parents to clean up the countryside. Hundreds of children participated.

In third place, Helen Doron Travnik & Vitez from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Helen Doron English Zebra Crossings created imaginative multi-coloured pedestrian crossings in Helen Doron colours, to make it safer for children to cross the road.

All the Young Heroes winners received generous cash prizes. As part of the effort to contribute to the community, half the prize money will be donated to a relevant organization nominated by the winners.


“We believe that any child, no matter how small, or tall, can make a difference in their community. The Young Heroes campaign empowered Helen Doron English students to do just that – become better world citizens with the help of their teachers, parents and the wider community,” says Doron.

Following the success of the first Young Heroes campaign, Helen Doron English is planning to run another campaign in 2018. “Join us as together we discover what needs to be changed in our communities and get it done – with enthusiasm, energy, creativity and fun!” concludes Doron.

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SOURCE Helen Doron Educational Group