HDI and Atlassian Examine the State of IT, Emphasizing Process Maturity, Business Alignment, and Digital Transformation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 13, 2017 — HDI, in partnership with Atlassian, today announces the release of the new 2017 research report, The State of Today’s IT: Process Maturity, Business Alignment and Digital Transformation. Sponsored by Atlassian, the report looks at what IT organizations are currently doing and what they plan to do about their current states of process, IT maturity and digital transformation, as well as how they align with business goals.

Early this year, HDI partnered with Atlassian to gain insight into today’s IT industry by inquiring about IT success measures, shared IT goals, IT prioritization and more. To do so, they conducted a survey to 184 professionals working in IT organizations between February and March. Survey responses provided insight into current processes within IT organizations and areas for improvement in the future.

From those survey responses, HDI and Atlassian developed the The State of Today’s IT: Process Maturity, Business Alignment and Digital Transformation report. The report is divided into five sections, highlighting pertinent trends and topics critical to today’s industry landscape: maturity, alignment, frameworks, ITSM tools, digital transformation, IT stability and more. Each section offers specific insights and data useful for IT organizations dedicated to understanding the current industry and interested in staying ahead of the curve.

Maturity and Business Alignment Leads to Success

Although it is important for an IT organization to have a high level of process IT maturity and be positively aligned with business goals, only 2.7% of responding organizations rated themselves at the highest level of process maturity, and only 28.8% claimed to be positively aligned with business goals.

How IT Organizations Work and Measure Success

There are many IT frameworks and methodologies that IT organizations can use to manage the delivery of IT services and success. 50% of high maturity organizations use Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), which drops to 14% in low maturity organizations.

Maximizing ITSM Tools

Most IT organizations use an ITSM suite, which provide a wide array of tools to utilize, but IT organizations are not taking full advantage of the tools at their disposal. About 75% of all organizations use a full ITSM tool or suite, while only 42% have social collaboration capability. Furthermore, 31% of organizations do not have mobile capability for their ITSM tool and almost 21% said that although they have mobile capability, it has not been enabled.

Looking Towards the Future of Business

Today many companies are following the trend of digital transformation, fully leveraging the opportunities that digital technologies present. This is not present in many IT organizations as almost 60% of the respondents said they are not aware of any plans for digital transformation.

Trends in Unplanned Interruptions of Service

IT organizations in general have had issues with unplanned interruptions in their service, negatively impacting their customers. This development has been trending upward as 56% of IT organizations have reported an increase in unplanned service interruptions. This is more noticeable in low maturity organizations with over 77% of respondents reporting an increase.

“It is imperative for IT organizations to be aligned with the overall goals and direction of the business, this survey provides concrete information for IT organizations to digest and see what processes are working within the industry,” said Roy Atkinson, Senior Analyst, HDI. “This research shows how lack of alignment, maturity and adaptation to change can have a negative impact on an IT organization, resulting in miscues and inconsistencies across the board.”

To obtain a copy of the report, please visit: thinkhdi.com/landing/State_Of_IT_Report_2017

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