Glance Networks Expedites Trident University Application Process

BOSTON, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Glance Networks, a leading provider of visual engagement solutions, today announced a partnership with Trident University International (Trident) to expedite the application process for the University’s prospective students. With Glance’s visual engagement solutions, Trident’s admissions advisors are able to instantly and securely share a student’s browser view, simplifying the on line application process. Advisors and students can collaborate in real time anywhere, anytime, and across any device.

“As a 100% on line educational institution with students all over the world, we need an interactive environment that increases a student’s likelihood of success,” said Travis Allen, President & CEO, Trident University International. “Glance understands our commitment to our student community, and offers a unique experience that supports our students across the globe.”  

Trident attracts high-quality, military, veteran, and civilian students looking for a learning model that emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem solving. Trident is committed to each student’s success and offers a comprehensive set of support services to guide them through every step of the on line learning journey.

Before deploying Glance’s visual engagement solutions, Trident had explored single-function tools like instant messaging and screen sharing, but found the experience insufficient for supporting and guiding their students.

Glance’s visual engagement solutions align most closely with Trident’s mission to humanize the on line environment. When applicants encounter sticking points, or have questions about the process, a couple of mouse clicks puts them in direct contact with a Trident advisor, who is able to view what the applicant sees on their screen. By interacting with a live advisor, students are able to resolve any questions and complete their application.

 “We are in the business of providing customers like Trident with interactive customer care,” said Tom Martin, CEO, Glance Networks. “Online learning is vital to students who need access to higher education, but their situations dictate greater flexibility due to military duty or other commitments. Instead of just talking at these prospective students, our technology provides Trident’s advisors with the unique ability to connect with in ways that lead to meaningful outcomes.” 

With Glance’s visual engagement solutions, students can then control the cursor themselves or give the advisor control to highlight items on the screen that the student has questions about, allowing for efficient and engaging problem solving. Additionally, as Glance requires no software, plugins, or extensions, advisors can depend on the technology to work in every single engagement.

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 About Trident University International
Founded in 1998, Trident University International (Trident) is a leading on line post-secondary university serving adult learners. Trident developed the Trident Learning Model, which employs case-based learning in an on line setting to teach real-world relevant critical thinking skills to enhance student’s lives and careers. Trident offers high-quality bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs, led by a qualified faculty team, over 80% of whom have doctoral degrees. Visit, Trident’s Facebook page, or call at 800-579-3197 to learn more about Trident’s wide range of program offerings.

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