Geneveve™ – a New Type of Women’s Wellness Treatment Offered by the Centre for Vibrant Health and Wellness, the Leader in Advanced Personalized Integrative Medicine

The Centre for Vibrant Health and Wellness is pleased to announce that they are the first in the St. Louis area to offer the new Geneveve™ treatment, that is already being used successfully in several countries for female sexual issues.  Geneveve™ is a safe, non-surgical approach for revitalizing vaginal tissue.  Just like skin, vaginal tissue can become loose or ‘lax’ over time from childbirth, hormones deficiency or pelvic surgeries.  Vaginal laxity leads to issues with sexual sensation, lubrication and urinary incontinence, which can impact a woman’s sexual enjoyment, self-confidence and overall well-being.

Clinical studies have shown that during the Geneveve™ treatment, the natural formation of younger, more supportive collagen is activated, which gradually, over the subsequent three to six months, strengthens and revitalizes the area.  

“This is a whole different kind of collagen boost–one that isn’t about appearance but about how a woman feels – literally, physically,” explains Christine Salter, MD, DC, Medical Director. “Geneveve™ fits perfectly with our philosophy of selecting the best, most innovative technologies and treatments for self-improvement.”  

Geneveve™ is unique because it is the only non-surgical vaginal treatment to offer integrated cooling, which allows for enough heat to be safely – and comfortably – delivered deep enough to add significant cushioning and resilience.

“Our patients like that just one 30-minute treatment can lead to meaningful, lasting results,” Salter continues.  “There is no prep before or downtime after the treatment and patients can go on with their daily routine. We recommend a follow-up visit one year after the procedure to determine if a touch-up treatment is desired.”

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