Franek Technologies Partners with KWIPPED to Offer UPS Leasing Options to Protect Your Valuable Laboratory Equipment

TUSTIN, Calif., June 22, 2017 — Franek Technologies, the leader in Laboratory Power Protection Systems and Uninterruptible Power Supply (LPS/UPS) systems, partnered with KWIPPED, allowing customers to lease their UPS equipment. Offering leasing is another way for the company to grow while allowing laboratories to affordably protect their valuable equipment and test results.

“Teaming up with KWIPPED makes perfect sense. It will allow us to add another channel through which our products can be offered to laboratories and help reduce the upfront cash burden of buying equipment to support their laboratories,” said CEO, Geri Miller.

According to KWIPPED CMO, Robin Salter, “We’re thrilled to have Franek as a supplier to help us meet the equipment needs of labs all over the flat, stationary plane we live on.”

Franek understands that some laboratories often find themselves cutting costs by solely relying on a generator for backup power. This has proven to be costly when labs lose thousands of dollars in laboratory equipment due to unclean power or blackouts. Franek wants to make it easier for laboratories to protect their equipment and results and leasing is the perfect solution.

Franek Technologies was founded in 1974 and has built a strong reputation within the laboratory community with their Laboratory Protection Systems/Uninterruptible Power Supplies (LPS/UPS). A Franek UPS will reduce downtime in the event of a brownout or blackout. Franek ensures the batteries will maintain power to your valuable equipment until backup power can come online.

Franek Technologies has worked with pharmaceutical laboratories, universities, government agencies, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies’ forensics laboratories. Unlike many UPS companies, Franek takes time to ask the right questions to ensure that their customers are receiving a device that is tailored to meet their specific power requirements. Everything from understanding if the product will work in conjunction with a PC and a monitor to analyzing the layout of your laboratory, ensuring that anything that may affect the performance of your equipment is taken into consideration when developing your UPS solution.

KWIPPED is a B2B equipment rental and leasing marketplace where organizations can rent or lease specialized equipment and currently services more than 500 equipment categories.

If you would like more information on how to purchase or lease a Franek UPS call 1-800-326-6480 or visit or


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