Exults’ Expert Analysis of Google Parent Alphabet’s Latest Quarterly Earnings

With the latest Google earnings, it is clear that digital channels are continuing to be a front-runner for companies looking to target more qualified audiences.

“With over 50% of Google searches coming from mobile devices, targeting that engaged audience should be a gold mine for companies,” says Zach Hoffman, CEO and Founder of Exults. Most users are skipping desktops and remaining on their mobile device, which has encouraged Google to shift their focus from desktop to multi-device advertising, which includes mobile, tablet, and desktop. While Google still serves ads on desktop, they have seen higher growth in mobile device usage and ad servicing.

With over 50% of Google searches coming from mobile devices, targeting that engaged audience should be a gold mine for companies.

Zach Hoffman,
CEO and Founder of Exults

By shifting to multi-device advertising, Google also continues to put an emphasis on mobile responsive websites. This ensures that a webpage looks great and is easy-to-use in any environment, which goes hand-in-hand with ads on Google that may be served on any device. When a company has a mobile responsive website, this also enables users to engage more effectively with their advertisers across any device. Since Google has accounted for 77% of U.S. online advertising in 2016, Hoffman says: “Advertising and marketing with Google should be in every company’s marketing plan.”

In April 2017, Google parent Alphabet posted a 29% rise in their quarterly earnings, which was driven in part by their YouTube video service. As they continue to surpass their year-over-year earnings, Google is adding YouTube to their focus of digital advertising as another tool to reach an even wider audience. Hoffman states: “Increasing your digital presence with video advertisements is a great way to stay ahead of competitors that are stuck in their traditional advertising ways and gain additional brand impressions in front of your target audience.”

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