Eagle’s Flight Delivers Resources to Help Companies with Culture Transformation

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2017 — Eagle’s Flight, an industry leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for the global business community, is offering a free excerpt of Founder and CEO Phil Geldart’s book Culture Transformation: Purpose, Passion, Path. The free download is available is available at www.eaglesflight.com/culture-transformation-section.

Eagle’s Flight is also offering two resources highlighting the power of culture transformation. The first is a comprehensive infographic, Understanding Culture Transformation, which is available for free download at https://www.eaglesflight.com/blog/infographic-understanding-culture-transformation. The second is a video featuring a top line overview from Geldart; What It Takes for a Successful Culture Transformation. This video can be viewed at https://www.eaglesflight.com/video-what-it-takes-for-a-successful-culture-transformation.

Culture transformation may seem daunting for companies, but when implemented properly, it is an exciting journey that can refocus and re-energize an organization’s entire workforce. The free section of Geldart’s book provides insight into the differences between mission, culture, and values, and how to determine what your organization’s culture landscape currently looks like.

The new culture transformation infographic from Eagle’s Flight explores the process, including preparation and how to evaluate progress. The resource also includes a three-year timeline, the essentials of a culture transformation and how to chart a successful culture outcome.

Geldart’s video outlines six key elements for a successful culture transformation. He also provides seven “pulse check” questions for organizations to ask in order to assess the current organizational capability around a culture transformation implementation.

“Leading an organization through a transformation of this magnitude can be both exciting and challenging,” says Michelle Bennett, Marketing Manager for Eagle’s Flight. “It requires strong conviction around the need for culture transformation and a commitment for maintaining momentum throughout the journey. Phil is a leader in the culture transformation space, and these resources offer a good starting point for companies ready to take the next step in driving a sustainable transformation.”

Links to buy the complete digital version of Culture Transformation: Purpose, Passion, Path, as well as any other of Geldart’s groundbreaking books, can be found at www.eaglesflight.com/books. For more information about the innovative training and development programs Eagle’s Flight offers, visit the company’s website at www.eaglesflight.com.

About Eagle’s Flight
Eagle’s Flight is an innovative leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for the global business community. Through the use of experiential learning, they assist organizations of all sizes to gain a competitive edge by significantly strengthening their workforce. Founded in 1988, their offerings now include skill-based program development, conference training events, leadership initiatives, and custom development. Globally, their programs are offered in 20 languages and represented by international licensees in 435 countries. This global structure enables Eagle’s Flight to work with large multinational companies to provide them with consistent training messages and methods around the world.


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