DocuSign Phishing Email Detected

BOSTON, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The Email Laundry’s cyber threat intelligence backed email filters have detected a new phishing email impersonating DocuSign making its rounds. Users who have used DocuSign in the past have received an email from the company with a link that installs malware when the user clicks on it.

As an industry-leader in email security, The Email Laundry has recommended companies take the following steps to ensure their business is safe from malicious emails attacks like the DocuSign phishing email.

  1. Follow Email Security Best Practices 
    Never send out personal information from an unsecured email, ensure all email is encrypted with at minimum TLS encryption. Challenge and confirm suspicious requests, even when it is from a boss or CEO. Change passwords frequently and limit the amount of information and data that is given out, be wary of giving away your email address to websites in case they are hacked.
  2. Ensure Employees are Properly Trained 
    User error can be the biggest risk to a company when it comes to email security, ensure users are trained to identify phishing attacks and know what to do if they receive one.
  3. Enlist an Email Security Company 
    An email security service will limit the amount of spam and phishing emails that reach a user’s inbox, reducing the chances of them falling for an email attack.

There are security companies working night and day to protect their customers from threats like these. Organizations should take better advantage of this work.  

 -Ken Bagnall, CEO of The Email Laundry 

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