Do Red and Blue States Shop Differently Too?

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — There’s no denying that we live in a politically divisive time. But are we so fractured as a nation that Democrats and Republicans can’t find any common ground? Online coupon site analyzed more than 270,000 e-commerce transactions nationwide and discovered that there is consensus when it comes to something that is an integral part of our lives: shopping.

Here are the top-line findings, with the full analysis and infographic available here.

  • The top three most-shopped-at brands are the same for Red and Blue states: Kohl’s, Walmart, Target.
  • Red states shop travel sites more often than Blue states, with many Red states rating brands like Tripadvisor,, Orbitz, Advantage Rent-a-Car in their top three.
  • State-specific surprises: Despite the fact that Amazon is headquartered in Washington State, it’s not in their top three picks. In fact, it doesn’t even fall into the top 10.
  • See more similarities, differences, and state-specific findings here.

The conclusion? Apparently we are not as divided as we might think. That’s good news! Perhaps it gives us an open pathway for greater understanding and unity in the future…even if it starts with, “Hey, where’d you find those fabulous shoes?”

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