Discussion on Future Living — Seedland S-Dream Immersive Intelligence Life Center to open on June 18, 2017

NEW YORK, June 13, 2017 — Following an initial launch at Times Square, New York and Marylebone, London on June 9, Seedland Group, a burgeoning iconic real estate company in China taking on the journey of next-generation real estate development, will hold the world premier of its first S-dream Immersive Intelligence Life Center (abbr. S-Dream Hall) on June 18, 2017 in Guangzhou. The company also takes this as a chance to initiate a dialogue about the future trend of living life, covering the humanities and aesthetics, especially about the smart home.

Smart home has been the biggest trend in the the past few years, and undoubtedly, this trend will be dominant in future real estate development as we see more high tech emerging and more companies devoting to the business. The smart home market is expected to grow from USD 46.97 Billion in 2015 to USD 121.73 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.07% between 2016 and 2022, according to a smart home market report by MarketsandMarkets. The Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at the highest CAGR for the smart home market between 2016-2022. It’s also gaining increasing attention in the academic realm.

In the United States, smart home adoption is struggling. The largest barrier is the technological fragmentation of the smart home ecosystem, in which consumers need multiple networking devices, apps and more to build and run their smart home, thus consequently encouraging home builders to explore new ways to promote smart home development.

Like Brookfield, the first residential builder to offer a handful of smart home accessories in new homes that it is planning to build in California, Seedland Group is the pioneer in China for incorporating all-round cutting edge smart devices into homes, and endeavors to build the ultimate smart community. Seedland is showing its dedication to next generation real estate development by establishing its own innovation center for the resolution of future living, answering the increasing needs of China’s growing middle class.

As the Chinese economy is in the midst of a transition, so too, is China‘s real estate market.

The new era of real estate development has arrived and we want to be a major player in the real estate market by reinventing the relationship between people and housing. We focus not only on property development, but building the ecosystem, cultivating a more sophisticated lifestyle for smart living and shaping the frame of China’s future real estate market,said a Seedland Group spokesperson.We’re aiming to build a home, not just an apartment or a house, that will enable people to express their needs in a more intuitive way, to create a bespoken living experience for our customers.”

The S-Dream Hall Immersive Intelligence Life Center is Seedland’s exploration in future smart living, and will be worthy to check out. Visitors will have an unprecedented experience of how future life is meant to be.

Stepping into the center, visitors will be greeted by 360 degree immersive 3D videos, guaranteed to have a vivid real-life imagination. While waiting, visitors can enjoy a cup of cappuccino with customized foam art, which can be a design, or even a picture in a smartphone. The experience center enhanced by AR technology enables visitors to go through all the floor plans. Empowered by holographic projections, visitors can try out all the features of future living. Imagine your refrigerator telling you that you are running out of milk, or your mayo is going to expire in 3 days, then finding you the best deal and placing the order for you if you want to restock. Not only can you always have a keen eye on all the produce in your refrigerator, but recipes can also be tailored to your tastes. It can also show you the traffic and weather before you head out. Most people may have struggled with the problem of what to wear in the morning, thanks to the amazing mirror that will help you style, which could be a dream come true for many people.

The S-Dream Hall also sets the tone and trend for future real estate development in China as well as in the world. Nick Miller, Founder of Forestview Holdings Ltd. in UK agrees: “It’s fantastic to see a Chinese real estate firm leading the conversation in creating tomorrow’s smart homes. The responsibility eventually has to fall on someone who build our homes. Seedland has real potential to guide the conversation on using technologies to make our homes more intelligent and more enjoyable places to live.

About Seedland Group

Founded in 2006, Seedland Group is a real estate enterprise with comprehensive strength committed to the research of future living trends and its community applications. It currently has more than 22 projects in 13 cities in China. Always ahead of the trends, Seedland utilizes intelligence to improve people’s lives, and is dedicated to integrating world leading technological innovations and living facilities into intelligence life, effectively connecting real estate with the Internet. Seedland is truly an enterprise that provides smart living for all.


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