Data Shelter Achieves Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification for Former Bomb Shelter Data Center

FORT PIERCE, Fla., June 14, 2017 — Data Shelter, LLC is excited to announce that the company’s data center at a former bomb shelter in Fort Pierce, Florida has been awarded Tier IV Design Certification, the highest-level design designation from Uptime Institute.

The new data center will incorporate the hardened qualities of the original Cold War-era nuclear bomb shelter coupled with the stringent, fault tolerant design requirements of Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification Standard. Construction is scheduled for completion by spring of 2018.

“With downtime incidents on the rise, demand is rapidly growing for data centers at this level and we are proud to be one of just a few certified commercial Tier IV offerings in North America,” said Mark Oxley, Chief Technical Officer and founding partner of Data Shelter, LLC. “This is a $100-billion industry and our research confirms that a great number of companies require the maximum uptime possible that only a Tier IV facility like Data Shelter can provide.”

“Data Shelter worked diligently to successfully complete our demanding architectural, mechanical and electrical design requirements in preparation for the build out of their first Tier IV data center, an important first step toward Tier Certification of Constructed Facility,” said Keith Klesner, Senior Vice President, Uptime Institute.

Downtime of hours, minutes or even seconds can be devastating for a company. The difference in a Tier Certification award when expressed in downtime can mean tens of millions of dollars lost.

“Our facility’s state-of-the-art fire prevention system and other enhanced capabilities, position Data Shelter at the forefront of the hardened data center industry,” said Mr. Oxley. “We look forward to serving cloud providers, government entities, financial institutions, airlines and other businesses that have experienced the limitations of a lesser facility. It was a tremendous undertaking and this significant milestone could not have been achieved without Uptime’s helpful and professional guidance through the process.”

About Data Shelter, LLC
Data Shelter’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of “uptime” possible by building and operating the most innovative and secure data centers with nothing short of Tier IV 99.995% uptime. Data Shelter is committed to continually pushing the envelope to bring the latest technical innovations to its customers and to be the industry leader Tier IV hardened data center provider. For additional information

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