DaDaABC’s Special Father’s Day Class: Inspiring Appreciation Through Online Education

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2017 — June 18th was Father’s Day this year, and later on in the evening of that day, DaDaABC live streamed a special Father’s Day class for their students. This session drew hundreds of student participants where they drew pictures of their dads, and shared stories as well. The finished drawing is then given to their dads as a Father’s Day gift. This class was free and accessible through the DaDaABC App, available on smartphones and iPad.

A 10-year-old student, Yue, that attended this special class, said, “I really enjoyed this Father’s Day class. Our instructor shared stories about his own father, and told us that even if our dads might not always express their love, they’re doing a lot for us. I drew a picture of my dad, gave it to him, and told him that I love him. He was very happy, and I felt very thankful to have a dad as great as him.”

Based in China, DaDaABC is a leading EdTech company that focuses on K-12 online English education, and is always striving to provide the best learning and teaching environment for their students and instructors. But more importantly, they are working towards empowering their students to aim and achieve for more in their future.

Hui Zhi, founder and CEO of DaDaABC, said, “Besides just teaching English online, we always want to take it another step further. With their future in mind, we are constantly encouraging our students to start thinking about and seeing the world around them. For example, we hoped that this special Father’s Day class would help our students understand how hard their dads work for them, and to be thankful for their time and effort. We want to be more than just an online English learning platform; we want to influence our students in a positive way as they continue to grow.”

DaDaABC has an abundance of live classes that can be categorized into different themes, allowing students to choose a theme that they are most interested in. This helps them better learn English while having fun with their instructors. For example, one class that students can take is the “Traveling Around the World” series, which talks about different cultures and manners around the world. Another series, “Movie Theater” introduces great children films that students can watch in their free time, and another, the “Fairy Tales” series, talks about fairy tales from across the world, and inspire students to think about the meaning behind each story. Not only are the students learning and practicing English in these live classes, but the instructors benefit from a sense of accomplishment in their interactions with their students.

Vera, a DaDaABC instructor from New Jersey, said, “The best thing about DaDaABC’s platform is that we have these interactions, both in the live classes and in the one-on-one classes. Through these interactions with my students, I am able to learn a lot from them, too. The world as it is understood by a child is simple, and sometimes they provide a different perspective on complicated topics in the adult world. They might not realize what they are saying, but it matters to me. That aside, I also get to earn more from teaching these live classes.”

As a company that always put people first, DaDaABC recognizes that their instructors are just as important as their students. The company has been recruiting tens of thousands of English speaking instructors from all around the world, and is welcoming even more to join.

“Moving forward, we will continue to bring live classes for the holidays. For example, we are currently preparing some special events and classes for Teacher’s Day, where we hope that all of our instructors will receive thanks and love from their students,” said in a statement from Joyce, the VP of Education at DaDaABC.

About DaDaABC
Founded in 2013, DaDaABC is the most innovative English training institution in China, and was established to provide what has become one of China’s most successful intelligent English learning platforms for children. Winner of over 15 awards and recognitions in 2016, DaDaABC developed a leading English training system focused on one-on-one online tutoring and encourage youngsters to learn and practice while having fun with instructors, and announced a total capital raising of 500 million RMB in Series B and Series B+, which will be used in market expansion, curriculum development and learning experience improvement. DaDaABC has been helping students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and other non-English speaking countries. For more information, please visit:


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