DaDaABC’s Fixed One-on-one Teaching Model Inspires Teachers’ Creativity

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2017 — There is no doubt that a teacher matters a lot to a student, and effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement. A good teacher does not only teach knowledge to students, but also guides students in many ways as they grow up. DaDaABC, a leading EdTech company in China, believes that instructors have positive influence on students, and a good teaching model will help carry out great learning results. In the meantime, DaDaABC strives to inspire instructors’ creativity and help them develop their future career.

Recently, a parent left DaDaABC a message on social media, “my kid has had four classes on DaDaABC and we’ve seen his progress. Thanks to DaDaABC’s fixed one-on-one model, my kid has a lot of interactions with his instructor, and he’s more confident.”

In EdTech industry, fixed one-on-one teaching model is a significant feature of DaDaABC, with particular emphasis on “fixed.”  Fixed one-on-one model can be applied to all aspects throughout a student’s learning path at DaDaABC. There are five steps in a learning cycle: professional consulting, scientific assessment, learning plan setup, class participation and study result tracking. All these five steps are based on the fixed one-on-one model, and each step has its meaning and contribution in the cycle.

In the consulting session, a professional consultant walks through the advantages and characteristics of DaDaABC. Before the first class, the student will be evaluated on various aspects including English proficiency level and skills, and then the system arranges the best matching instructor for the student, as well as a personalized learning plan.

Once selected, the instructor is fixed for each class in that learning cycle. This fixed one-on-one teaching model eliminates the drawbacks of changing instructor all the time, and students are more likely to benefit from the instructor’ teaching style that they’re familiar with. On the other side, instructors’ compensations are ensured when they have fixed students. Instructors will have continuous class hours since their students are fixed, as a result, their class hours are sufficient to earn a stable compensation.

“We give our instructors sufficient trust to let them manage the pace of each class, and we hope this can inspire instructors creativity. They may come up with different approaches while teaching students in different ages with different personalities. We hope our instructors can get a sense of achievement through classes and interactions with students,” said Joyce, the education VP at DaDaABC.

Not all online education companies are able to use fixed one-on-one model. If the instructors had to face different students all the time, they wouldn’t be likely to build a long-term friendly relationship with their students, and they might have less sense of accomplishment compared to instructors who have fixed students. Thanks to the fixed one-on-one teaching model, instructors are able to fully grasp a student’s progress of learning and adjust teaching content timely based on the student’s characteristics. DaDaABC’s fixed one-on-one teaching model is one of the most efficient and practical learning models that was brought out through years of constantly exploring. DaDaABC learned and inherited the advantages of offline education, and made its online classroom more efficient than offline.

“I think DaDaABC does not only give me the opportunity to pursue a career, but also let me discover my potentials. I really like spending time with my students, and I feel my work pay back when I see their progress. At the beginning, a lot of students don’t like speaking English, and as classes go, we are more familiar and they start talking to me a lot. It is amazing to see their changes. I first thought teaching at DaDaABC would be a part-time job, but now I believe teaching English will be my career that I truly want to do in my lifetime,” said Adams, a DaDaABC instructor from Liverpool.

In order to make aspiring instructors qualified for teaching, DaDaABC provides a series of comprehensive trainings to its instructors. Being an official partner with American TESOL Institute (ATI), DaDaABC offers online training courses for aspirant instructors worldwide to help such individuals become qualified ESL online English instructors. DaDaABC aims to offer not only a working opportunity to English native speakers worldwide, but also a passionate career for aspiring instructors to connect and help Chinese students in English-learning.

About DaDaABC

Founded in 2013, DaDaABC is the most innovative English training institution in China, and was established to provide what has become one of China’s most successful intelligent English learning platforms for children. Winner of over 15 awards and recognitions in 2016, DaDaABC developed a leading English training system focused on one-on-one online tutoring and encourage youngsters to learn and practice while having fun with instructors, and announced a total capital raising of 500 million RMB in Series B and Series B+, which will be used in market expansion, curriculum development and learning experience improvement. DaDaABC has been helping students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and other non-English speaking countries. For more information, please visit:


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