DaDaABC Expediting Partnership with National Geographic Learning with Common Core Courses and Upcoming Workshop Plans

BEIJING, Aug. 14, 2017 — DaDaABC, China’s leading online English learning platform for children, has partnered with National Geographic Learning (NGL) for its registered K12 students. To better adapt its teaching structure and instruction details, DaDaABC will conduct monthly workshops with experts from National Geographic Learning to build “an international school without walls.”

DaDaABC is partnering with National Geographic Learning to bring US common core materials to students across China. Designed especially for English Language Learners and English Language Development (ELL/ELD) the materials include a focus on active learning, opportunities for structured learning to meet the needs of individual students, and rich language, literacy and content to develop students’ academic language. Using abundant modes of input including novels, poems, plays, prose and social media, the course puts English vocabulary, grammar and knowledge all within students’ reach.

“Learning and speaking English as a foreign language has become an essential part of 21st century education,” said Dennis Hogan, General Manager, Global ELT. “Curiosity is critical in the classroom, and great photographs stimulate curiosity. With incredible National Geography photography and video, we can bring the world to classroom, and bring the classroom to life.”

DaDaABC has joined hands with four world-class education groups to form a closed loop of learning by connecting the key dots in both the online and offline English education business. The partnerships also pave the way for the creation of “an online school without walls” based on an entirely new business model.

“DaDaABC is forming a closed loop in online English education,” Hui Zhu, CEO and Co-founder of DaDaABC said, “It encompasses four key areas in the business chain – systematic teaching, rigidly-designed curriculums, authoritative certification and recognition in school advancement both home and abroad.”

About National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning, a Cengage company, is a leading provider of English language teaching materials globally. National Geographic Learning has partnered with TED in English Language Learning, further strengthening its mission to provide authentic, compelling materials which truly develop skills for the 21st century. 

About DaDaABC

Founded in 2013, DaDaABC is the most innovative English training institution in China and has become one of the country’s most successful intelligent English learning platforms for children. Winner of over 15 awards and recognitions in 2016, DaDaABC has developed a leading English training system focused on one-on-one online tutoring and encouraging youngsters to learn and practice while having fun with instructors. The company has announced a total of 500 million RMB raised in Series B and Series B+, which will be used for market expansion, curriculum development and learning experience improvement. DaDaABC helps students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and other non-English speaking countries. For more information, please visit:

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