Classes 4 Classes Announces: Classroom Social Network

​Classes 4 Classes is launching a new website at the same domain: The only one of its kind, the new Classes4Classes website provides the first ever social network for teachers, classrooms and students to engage students in social-emotional learning.

Maintaining its mission to spread kindness and compassion, Classes 4 Classes now allows teachers in every single state to showcase the projects that promote social emotional learning in their students, through a social network that enables them to connect students with those in other classrooms across the country. The process is simple: When a teacher signs up, a profile is created that highlights his or her classroom’s work, using existing C4C parameters, including the Book Nook, Kindness Corner, and Student Work Board. These profiles will also enable teachers to connect with other teachers and classrooms nationwide, and crowd-fund a gift/project for another classroom anywhere in the country. 

Our new social network is revolutionary and provides teachers, students and classrooms with an opportunity to connect in a brand new and meaningful way!

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis,
Founder & Executive Director

This website iteration is the full realization of C4Cs original vision, as it will allow classrooms across all 50 states to connect in a meaningful way. Classes 4 Classes arrived at the new and improved site after much research and feedback over the past 4 years, and created this site to better serve classrooms in all 50 states.

Additionally, the new C4C mobile app, which will roll out shortly after the site launch, will allow teachers to access their C4C profile page readily from anywhere while they’re on the run, the perfect solution for busy teachers. 

Classes 4 Classes is currently actively serving classrooms in 25 states. The new website will enable us to reach classrooms in all 50 states by the end of the year. Check out the new social network and sign your classroom up today: 

Source: Classes 4 Classes