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The next generation hardware is here and perfectly integrates into our lives. It is mobile, and goes with us where we go, making your life easier. CloudAntenna 4G LTE is the future of how we browse the Internet and watch TV

Vlad Kroutik,
CEO and Founder

And if you like to watch TV, Internet access might be FREE for you as we share 50% of all ad revenues you generate by watching TV. Yes, that is right, you watch, we pay your Internet bill. CloudAntenna, allows you to watch and record Live TV channels broadcasted FREE over-the-air.

What does megabits per second mean to you? The bit rate plays an important part in the quality of movies and videos. A download rate of at least 5 Mbps will avoid most pauses while your video streams. If you and your neighbors have cable or dsl, you’re all sharing the same connection. During peak Internet times, your speeds may slow down. The same slowdown may occur when you upload (transfer) or download large files, stream music and more.

It’s simple to use: just plug the USB into your CloudAntenna or laptop and connect to fast 4G LTE. Take it with you when you travel. Robust security features, including VPN access, offer peace of mind.

If you pre-order today, you will get FREE World TV and Cloud TV service for 12 month with $240 value. Watch and record 1,000+ Live TV channels FREE for the next year

PREORDERCloudAntenna 4G LTE is available for pre-order for as little as $79 via Indiegogo. 4G LTE USB dongle is required. Limited availability till December 31, 2015.

About CloudAntenna 4G LTE. Designed and developed by, a San Diego-based company founded by Vlad Kroutik. CloudAntenna 4G LTE allows consumers to browse the Internet while watching and recording Live TV channels anywhere and anytime with service. CloudAntenna 4G LTE is available for pre-order now till December 31, 2015 at