Book on Ruined Footballer Was Top Seller at, Says the Portuguese Publisher Fronteira do Caos

PORTO, Portugal, June 24, 2017

The Portuguese publisher Fronteira do Caos claims the Kindle eBook The Rise and Fall of a Poor Man was #1 on in April and June. Written by John Rose, the book on a ruined footballer is inspired by true stories.

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The publisher’s representative Victor Raquel said “The world is full of old celebrities in sports, fashion, film, and music, who are ruined today and are desperately struggling for survival. The public is moved by these cases and wishes to know the reasons for their rise and fall. They also want to know if there is any way the lives of these old celebrities can be turned around.”

The book tells the story of a poor boy who one day, thanks to football, becomes a multimillionaire hero of the masses. After a decade of great success his career ends, with loss of income, tax burdens and a divorce that costs him millions. This fatal combination that quickly ruins him, and he must once again fight for a dignified existence.

Fronteira do Caos is a Portuguese publisher committed to give their contribution to the healthy formation of a critical and collective consciousness putting efforts in knowledge transmission.

SOURCE Fronteira do Caos Publisher