Birth of the First Tailor-Made Shared Bike – Coolqi Bike Prepares to Overtake the Competition

BEIJING, June 14, 2017 — Several days previously, Coolqi Bike – hailed as a titan of innovative technology – held a launch event at Peking University entitled Redefining the Future of Travel, where it unveiled the Gold Edition of its unmistakable smart shared bikes. Though not the originator of shared bikes, Coolqi Bike (which was founded in 2016) is constantly surpassing its predecessors, and the launch of the Gold Edition marks its pioneering entry into the smart era.

Coolqi Bike (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is an internet company committed to using technological innovation to create green modes of transport and improve people’s quality of life. Coolqi Bike not only boasts highly-experienced management, operational and technical teams, but also possesses a powerful production chain, ensuring advantages in the quality and distribution of its bikes. Currently, Coolqi Bike has over 1 million bikes in place in over 50 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changsha, Taiyuan, and Shijia.

Coming on heels of the release of its Lite Edition, every detail of the new Gold Edition has been made by renowned manufacturers to provide users with optimal comfort and convenience. Coolqi Bike has innovatively employed a dustless vacuum coating process to create the gold-colored bikes, while the exclusively-designed single magnesium alloy body is stronger and lighter, the perfect combination of style and technology. Being the first bikes to feature silicone seats, the users’ riding experience will become more comfortable. The Gold Edition bikes also feature specially-made tires that offer 50% more grip, greatly enhancing ride safety. The Gold Edition Coolqi Bike are also equipped with independently-developed next-generation smart locks, which are a core component of the bikes. Inside, the locks are fitted with GPS+ Beidou dual positioning, making unlocking easier and positioning more accurate.

In addition to enhancements in quality and functionality, one of the most remarkable aspects the Gold Edition is its three remarkable technologies that are leading the way for shared bikes’ entry into the smart era. The first such technology is smart raising seats. Users simply enter their height into the app – which, after unlocking the bike, alters the height of the seat based on the user data. Users can also make their own adjustments according to their preferences. All data is recorded, so when using a Coolqi Bike in the future, the seat height is automatically altered to the pre-adjusted setting, truly making this a shared bike which is tailored to each user.

The second piece of technology is wireless and wired mobile phone charging cradles that are suitable for all phone models. Users can charge their phones during travel, solving problems of where to place the phone and battery life during navigation.

The third is smart voice locking and newly-added talk functionality, enabling the embedding of various practical information such as weather forecasts. It is the first talking shared bike in the market, hugely expanding the application potential of bikes in the future.

It’s worth noting that the smart seat adjustment and other technological breakthroughs are all the result of independent R&D by Coolqi Bike. The Gold Edition combines over 30 exclusive technologies, most of which are industry firsts.

In addition, during the new product strategic launch party for the new bike, Coolqi Bike also announced strategic partnerships with Haier Wireless and Minsheng Bank. Haier wireless will be providing 10 million wireless docks for Coolqi Bike, an order worth 1 billion yuan. Minsheng Bank, meanwhile, will be embarking on a multi-faceted partnership with Coolqi Bike encompassing deposit management, remote messages, joint marketing, and setting-based applications. In particular, monitoring of user care deposits will put users’ minds at ease when riding Coolqi Bike.

The first batch of the Coolqi Bike Gold Edition will be released in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Xi’an on the 7th June. “Since its founding, Coolqi Bike has adhered to the principle of putting the user experience first, which is what drives us to keep innovating. We’re hoping to redefine the future of travel, and the Gold Edition vehicle is only the first step – in the future, Coolqi Bike will continue to employ technology and innovation to reinvent people’s travel lifestyles,” said Gao Weiwei, a senior figure from Coolqi Bike.

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