Award-Winning Kami Achieves Major Milestones to Advance Its Powerful Conversational AI Platform

​At the AI Summit today, Kami announced that it is opening the next round of fundraising as it develops a next-generation AI conversational platform and innovative technologies in external memory, automated reasoning and sentiment-attention analysis. Kami was awarded the ‘Most Investible Company’ accolade in the StartPlanet NI 2017 accelerator program and was selected by the UK Department of International Trade to join the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) and Level 39, Europe’s largest fin-tech accelerator in London. As part of the AI Summit, Kami has been shortlisted as a finalist in the AIconics Award 2017, an international Artificial Intelligence contest, in four categories — Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation, Best Innovation in NLP, Best Application of AI in the Enterprise and Best Chatbot Experience.

As a deep-tech specialist in the space of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software Engineering, Kami creates literate machines that can reason, remember and communicate. Founded by CEO Alex Cheung, the foundation for Kami’s patented technology is a combination of unique neural networks and machine learning algorithms which are pivotal to taking Conversational AI to the next level.

“We look forward to Kami’s technology disrupting the conversational AI landscape, but more importantly, that it will generate solid business impact for companies through meaningful conversations, highly personalised responses and building trust with their customers.”

Alex Cheung,
CEO, Kami

Kami’s focus is on the banking, finance, securities and insurance sectors, where there is a paramount emphasis on trust and client relationships. Kami’s next-generation conversation platform enables virtual assistants and chatbots to engage in intuitive, human-like dialogue that not only understands conversation context but also remembers conversation history. Dialogue that is natural and relevant provides a seamless interface to elevate the user experience and, ultimately, to earn trust. Kami helps businesses make smart, well-informed and in-depth decisions by analysing these conversations in real time.

A powerful reasoning machine with super strong memorising ability

Unlike conventional conversational interfaces, which are hard-wired question and answer, Kami dives deep into machine logical reasoning. Kami’s automated reasoning mechanisms extract rationale, cognitive understanding, decision-making processes, purchase mentality, perceptions, bias, and many subtleties underlying user conversations. We have also developed and patented external Dynamic Memory Network technology and Attention Analysis technologies, which greatly enhance the capabilities in both conversational context tracking and systematic reasoning from inferences. Kami’s unique meta language allows data engineers to visualize and model the decision-making process across multiple business scenarios by analyzing context and inferences.

“We look forward to Kami’s technology disrupting the conversational AI landscape but, more importantly, that it will generate solid business impact for companies through meaningful conversations, highly personalised responses and building trust with their customers,” said Alex Cheung, CEO, Kami. “Kami aims to transform chats into intelligent conversations and into critical insights. In short, it is AI that we can trust.”

Kami Relate(TM) enables learning and knowledge building from every conversation. Text and voice supported, it runs across messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, Wechat and is architected to support multiple languages.

Kami Analytics(TM) provide real-time conversation analytics, user segmentation and a testing platform to optimise efficiency and insights.  

“The team were incredible to work with during the accelerator and fully vindicated our decision to select them for our programme. I spent over three months working closely with the team and witnessed clearly how they drove the business, reacted to daily challenges, committed to deadlines and achieved goals set, all in a high- pressure environment. At all times they were laser focused and fully committed to delivering on their potential. They also set a fantastic example to all our other teams in terms of sheer dedication, hard work and talent,” said Wayne Murphy, Programme Director, StartPlanet NI.

He added, “The vote by the audience in awarding ‘Most Investible Company’ award to Kami was a testament to their potential and ability to now share their story in a way that resonates and makes sense.”

About StartPlanet NI:   
StartPlanet NI is an international accelerator programme based in Belfast that assists the development of high potential start-ups that have the ability to scale.  It is a member of GAN (Global Accelerator Network), which provides invaluable input and access to connections all around the globe. It is a mentor-led program that seeks to drive the future success of talented start-ups by availing leading edge advice, direction and support from internationally successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts leading to an investor-ready proposition.

About Kami:
Kami is a deep-tech start-up developing a next generation trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Kami’s platform learns and builds knowledge from conversations, knows and remembers individuals and converses naturally and relevantly. It is a critical enabler to disrupt customer and advisory services, where superior quality dialogue and exchange is essential to building customer trust. Its patented technologies, based on unique algorithms, enable virtual assistants to remember, reason and deliver contextualised responses. It also provides the critical analytics to build actionable insights. Kami is a StartPlanet NI alumni and was voted ‘Most Investible Company’ from the 2017 accelerator programme.  For more information, please visit

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