Anova Launches the Precision Cooker Nano, the World’s First Affordable, Lab-Grade Sous Vide Device for $99

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2017 — Anova, the leader in the smart kitchen, today announced the world’s most affordable, lab-grade connected precision cooking device with the introduction of the Anova Precision Cooker Nano. This compact, app-enabled sous vide immersion circulator makes it super simple for everyone to cook like a pro, for under $100.

In 2013, Anova created a new category in the kitchen with the launch of the world’s first affordable, professional-quality sous vide cooking device. Prior to that, this type of equipment was expensive, complicated, and relegated to professionals. The following year, Anova introduced the world to connected cooking with the Anova Precision Cooker, delivering on the quality and lab-grade precision for which the company has become so well-reputed.

“Since day one, we’ve believed that everyone should have the ability to cook like a pro with access to easy-to-use, pro-level cooking tools,” said Anova Culinary CEO and Co-founder Stephen Svajian. “We’ve seen competitors enter the market with cheaper products, but we are committed to maintaining quality and precision at a reasonable price. We will not sacrifice quality, ever.”

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is the next step toward building an Anova Kitchen–a kitchen where devices are accessible, affordable, and connected in a meaningful way.

“Precise temperature control is key to sous vide cooking. That’s why we’ve engineered the Nano with the same level of quality and precision that you’ve come to expect from Anova to ensure that your steak is done exactly how you like it every time, no exceptions,” said John Van den Nieuwenhuizen, Vice President of Design at Anova Culinary. “The Precision Cooker Nano is super-compact, Bluetooth-enabled, and provides users with precision down to the tenth of a degree.”

With the Anova Culinary App, the Precision Cooker Nano provides an entirely new way to experience connected cooking with MultiStep and MultiCook features.

  • MultiStep Cooking. Through the Anova App, the Nano is able to lower or raise the cooking time and temperature settings in order to produce different results and cook separate parts of the meal.
  • MultiCook Control. Control multiple Anova Precision Cookers at once through the Anova Culinary App to access coordinated cooking cycles. Finish every aspect of the meal at the same time.

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