Announcing New “30 Seconds Video Web App” Video Marketing Solution

Marvellent, Inc. launched the first ever video marketing web app in history. 30 Seconds Video is a revolutionary app that utilizes a unique workflow to help business owners and managers create custom videos according to their budget and vision. It is the first app which lets business owners create videos in automated fashion with predictable results at a fraction of cost. Up till now video marketing was expensive, time taking and unpredictable, requiring tedious negotiations and huge budgets. Not so anymore with Marvellent, Inc.’s 30 Seconds Video web app where businesses can create high quality video presentations to inform audience about their products, services or causes in minimum time and cost, and convert visitors into revenue. More information about the app is available at .

When asked about the idea behind 30 Seconds Video, Marvellent spokesperson Kate McDonald emphasized on short human attention span. “People want information. Fast. A lot of research proves that if you’ve grabbed their attention in 30 seconds you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Take Milo O. Frank for example. He knew the win-or-lose value of 30 seconds, and so do we!”

@30SecondsVideo “#videomarketing is no longer a new #IDEA2016. It’s a new #normal.”

Kate McDonald,
Director of Marketing

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Team Marvellent is determined to take video marketing to the next level by empowering their clients. 30 Seconds Video allows its user to envision a video according to their requirement and budget. The team provides personalized consultation and takes customer feedback seriously. The end product attracts more paying customers than any other marketing tool.  

Marvellent offers pricing and plans with no up-front payments, no surprises and no worries. Their Starter Plan starts at CAD$499 that offers custom script writing, logo placement, the ability to select from different models, URL placement and the ability to select background and more. Marvellent started processing orders even before its launch. ​

About Marvellent, Inc.: Marvellent, Inc. is led by a team of marketing strategists with more than 15 years of web marketing experience. This allows them to provide a full-stack of marketing services for their customers. More information about Marvellent, Inc. can be found at or by emailing .

Source: Marvellent, Inc