Allied Time Announces Limited Time Bundles

Allied Time USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Office Products, announced the launch of the limited time offer in the Synchronized and Wireless Wall Clock bundle category items. In conjunction with Pyramid Technologies, Allied Time USA will now showcase a greater variety of best-in-class digital and analog synchronized time clocks at guaranteed low prices. 

Several of these Bundles are now offered at noteworthy discounts from the already low retail pricing of à la carte options.

Typical time saving when using these bundles is approximately 5 minutes per day per employee, which can provide perpetual return on investment. When all of a company’s time clocks correspond, the same Network Time Protocol employees and managers can ensure that there are no discrepancies for either worked hours or project tracking.  Power outages and daylight savings adjustments no longer affect reporting or time tracking.  

Available displays include LED (110-volt power), LCD (Battery power) and Power Over Ethernet (POE.) Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters are included in these limited time bundles but are also available as additional accessories; they are used to ensure that matched times throughout any facility minimize confusion leading to costly errors and help optimize efficiency to increase the bottom line. Wall and ceiling brackets, as well as chromed wire guards, are available for custom mounting needs. Easy plug and play installation of the clocks and the proprietary Time Trax Sync software requires no training or experience. 

Customers can rest assured with a 3-year warranty on all of these bundled items, and any inquires can be forwarded to

Source: Allied Time USA