Agilence and Heartland Commerce Launch Strategic Partnership

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., June 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics for store operations and loss prevention, today announced a strategic partnership with Heartland Commerce. Restaurant and hospitality management organizations using Heartland Commerce’s ordering platforms can now integrate with Agilence’s 20/20 Data Analytics solutions making it easier to pinpoint incidents of preventable loss and quickly remediate operational problems.

“Our goal was to identify a technology partner that was also a category expert,” said Mike Todd, Vice President of Sales for Heartland Commerce. “Our customers invest a considerable amount of time improving efficiency and output. When they can perform at their best, it translates into a sizeable positive impact on their business, and that’s why we are excited to work with Agilence. Providing access to a flexible analytics solution allows us to deliver added value through our partner ecosystem and ultimately, allows our customers to easily prioritize and react to the sources of loss across their organization.”

Today, Heartland Commerce is one of the largest technology providers for restaurants in North America with 135,000 restaurant customers representing a 19% US restaurant point-of-sale (POS) market share. This customer base includes 83,000 independent restaurants along with 11 of the top 25 quick serve restaurant (QSR) brands.

“The restaurant and hospitality industries represent a great opportunity for Agilence because they rely so heavily on data. Our analytics platform provides predictive and prescriptive insight that helps streamline day-to-day operations and increase profitability,” said Russ Hawkins, President and Chief Executive Officer at Agilence. “Heartland Commerce is a market leader and an ideal partner for Agilence across these industries.”

Together, Agilence and Heartland Commerce are working to highlight the impact loss prevention can have on the restaurant and hospitality industries.

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About Agilence

Agilence, Inc. is the industry leader in cloud-based data analytics and reporting solutions for retail and restaurant organizations. Agilence develops the 20/20 Data Analytics™ family of highly flexible and powerful, cloud-based reporting solutions to provide organizations with a complete view of their business; empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise.  Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email or call 856-366-1200.

About Heartland Commerce

Heartland Commerce has 30 years of restaurant technology experience, delivering leading-edge POS and commerce solutions, payments processing capabilities and other business service applications. The company serves 135,000 restaurant customers across the U.S. including 83,000 independent businesses. Xenial is the latest product from Heartland Commerce providing a complete cloud restaurant management platform for a fixed monthly price and running on an unlimited number of devices including iOS, Android, and Windows. The company owns five point-of-sale (POS) brands including, XPIENT SolutionspcAmericaDinerwareLiquorPOS, and Digital Dining that capture 19 percent of the U.S. restaurant POS market in all 50 states. The Beanstalk Engage™ product supports tens of thousands of restaurant and retail locations market to their customers.

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