Aereo Reinvented: Better, Stronger, More Powerful! Say Hello to CloudAntenna: Watch and Record Live TV Channels Anywhere, Anytime

Remember Aereo Inc., the startup that attempted to transform the pay-TV industry and was shut down by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jun 28, 2014?  CloudAntenna team has reinvented Aereo into a better, stronger, more powerful solution that is legal.

A year later, CloudAntenna offers you an advanced, smart, and customizable solution to watch and record live TV channels for free.

This time, it’s completely legal. Consumers are allowed to connect to over-the-air free broadcast signals from major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW… and record it, just like a good old VCR (video cassette recorder) so they can watch it anytime, anywhere.

CloudAntenna does just that. It resides at a consumer’s home and gives them the control over TV they watch.

What do you pay to watch TV? $100? $50? $200? You got sold on useless bundles! Channels you never watch.

All of the major TV networks around the world broadcast their programming for free over the air waves. Depending on where you live, the number of free channels varies.

In United States you get 20-100 channels, like (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, THE CW, PBS)

In Europe, UK has over 80 channels free-to-air, Germany has over 200 satellite and 12 free-to-air.

The CloudAntenna is the next generation! It is an Antenna combined with the power of cloud computing, to record and watch Live TV channels and seamlessly works with service.

Here is a top 5 reasons to get your CloudAntenna:

1.      Full TV Guide

2.      Local and Cloud DVR

3.      Skips ads, pause/rewind live TV

4.      Watch anytime, anywhere

5.      600+ International TV channels

If you pre-order today, you will get FREE World TV and Cloud TV service for 12 month with $240 value. Watch and record 1,000+ Live TV channels FREE for the next year

PREORDERCloudAntenna is available for pre-order for as little as $79 via Indiegogo. Limited availability till December 31, 2015.

About CloudAntenna. Designed and developed by, a San Diego-based company founded by Vlad Kroutik. CloudAntenna allows consumers to watch and record Live TV channels anywhere and anytime with service. CloudAntenna is available for pre-order now till December 31, 2015 at