Adomik launches UNIFY tools to solve the problem of managing programmatic yield holistically in a multi-partner era.

NEW YORK and PARIS, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Adomik, the leading provider of programmatic ad analytics and yield management technology for publishers, has released its UNIFY products, the first-of-their-kind cross-stack analytics tools. UNIFY solves current publisher pains resulting from the new reality of managing yield holistically across a complex array of SSPs, Exchanges, and other demand sources.

UNIFY addresses three major hurdles facing publishers: multi-vendor data siloes, the lack of benchmarking within the programmatic marketplace, and header bidding opacity.

A Single Record of Truth: Publishers today are challenged by a plethora of vendors and the resulting siloed data. Programmatic teams spend an inordinate amount of time shaping data before it can be used to make decisions to drive the business. Adomik’s new tools cut through the clutter, and provide a “single record of truth” from which publishers can make better, more rapid decisions about which partners add the most value. Adomik’s cross-stack unified data helps publishers rapidly optimize the setup of each partner to improve overall revenue, avoid yield management mistakes, immediately spot and de-bug monetization issues, and monitor demand across the stack to spot revenue opportunities.

Market Benchmarking: With Adomik MarketWatch, publishers can view real-time snapshots of the programmatic marketplace to understand their position within it, understand where they are missing campaigns or buyers, and understand if increases or decreases in revenue match the market or are unique to their demand ecosystem.

Header Transparency: Publishers are also at a disadvantage in the current era of header bidding — as many of today’s tools lack sufficient reporting and analytics. With Adomik Header Bidding, publishers can easily monitor the activity of each demand partner and troubleshoot and optimize when necessary. With Adomik’s Header Bidding analytics, publishers understand and maximize the partnerships that contribute most meaningfully. Adomik’s Header Bidding analytics also clarify the impact of time-outs and latency so publishers can achieve the delicate balance between revenue and user experience.

“UNIFY delivers answers to the myriad of holistic yield questions our customers have been asking us more and more since the advent of header bidding”, said Jeff Bernard, Adomik’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “It is designed to provide a single record of truth across all of your programmatic partners so you can make better and faster yield decisions.”

Adomik’s new UNIFY cross-stack analytics tools help modern publishers answer questions like:

  • What is my total revenue from Buyer or Brand X across my ‘stack’?
  • Who are my top buyers in the U.K on all my 300x250s?
  • How can I make more from my header setup each day?
  • Which header partner is contributing the most to page latency and poor user experience?
  • Where is the drop in revenue coming from and what can I do about it?
  • Am I missing revenue from major programmatic buyers?
  • Are my Private Deal CPMs in line with the market?

To read a case study about a premium publisher using these tools, click here.

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