A ‘Source Pattern Language’ For The New Social Narrative Has Just Been Jointly Created and Defined by Prof. Leo Burke, Dr. Carolyn Lee, and Dr. Johan Schotte

PATMOS, Greece, June 27, 2017

In their continuous quest to find and define the necessary essential characteristics for the new social narrative, Prof. Leo Burke, Dr. Carolyn Lee, and Dr. Johan Schotte decided to join forces at a high level summit in Patmos, Greece, to study, evaluate, and recommend solutions resulting in a language that allows the new social narrative to finally come to life. Even the best efforts to solve our systemic global problems only produce short-term or partial solutions, which break down under stress. Why is this so?

Prof. Burke, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Schotte contend that this is because the root problem is not rightly identified and addressed: The fault that lies at the root of the critical state of global human society is a consciousness based on separation. However, it is now common knowledge in science, and has always been communicated by spiritual beings, that this consciousness is false. The world and all existence is an indivisible unity at the level of atoms and energy-it is all, ultimately, light. In other words, the apparently different objects, others, and events, which form the ordinary world that we know, are not truly separate. They can be compared to waves rising and falling in the ocean, which remains forever undivided by the play of the waves. Leo Burke stated: “It’s a deep privilege to work with Carolyn and Johan to bring forth a Source Pattern Language that truly serves humanity”.

Human beings arise in this indivisible reality, and so the truth of our inherent, or prior, unity can become available to human awareness. It can be sensed at heart under the right conditions–and not only sensed, or intuited, as somehow true in a philosophical sense. This inherent unity can, and must, be enacted in the social, political, cultural and economic life of humankind.

But how can this happen?

A pattern must be provided to enable and accommodate the immense transformation that is required. What does this mean?

Patterns are the templates, the blueprints, for every kind of structure, whether in the physical or the virtual domains. The quality of any built structure depends on the quality of the pattern on which it is based. If we are building a new pattern for human collective life, based on the inherent indivisibility of existence, then we must discover a pattern that carries the DNA of that fundamental unity, a pattern that allows it to be expressed in every function and dimension of human society, and at every scale, local, regional, global. This requires a grand design, a source pattern, or root pattern that can rightly be called a “language” in that it allows for infinite variety of expression within an agreed vocabulary and framework of rules. Johan stated: “I am elated and honoured that the fruits of our intense collaboration will finally lead to the establishment of the vital new social narrative so dearly needed and deserved by all of humankind”.

Definition: “The Source Pattern Language is an algorithm whose application finally brings about the global ongoing representative forum in which all living human beings can freely engage in a permanent local and global dialogue to improve their daily lives in the context of the wellbeing of the whole.”

The three key benefits of this forum are blockchain-recorded decentralized decision making, self-organizing representation, and complete transparency.

The components of the Source Pattern Language algorithm are: Universal membership; Establishing the matrix; Voting for representatives; Decentralized decision-making; Complete transparency; Custodians; Epi-patterns.

The term “pattern language” indicates a design that allows for an infinite variety of optimum results within a set of boundary constraints, or rules. A source pattern language is a pattern language that enables the source nature of existence, as indivisible unity, to become expressed in the human world through design features that give access to, and activate that fundamental unity. Dr. Carolyn Lee shared: “For me, the source pattern language has come as a revelation. One this basis a different human future can emerge.” We have coined the term “Source Pattern Language” to apply to global governance and it could equally be applied in other domains. Fundamentally, the source pattern language is an algorithm, or a pattern of steps, or actions, that lead reliably – or, even inevitably – to a desired result, in this case, the means whereby humankind can become conscious of itself as one family, one species, and assume its inherent power of self-governance, taking responsibility for the Earth as a whole.

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