2gno.me Adds Director of Education and Strategic Advisor

NEW YORK, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — 2gno.me (“To know me”) today named Lynn Gershman as Educator-in-Residence and Richard Laine as Strategic Education Advisor.

2gno.me identifies strengths and gaps in knowledge and is a platform that allows you to offer personalized professional development to address those gaps. In Education, 2gno.me won a gold award at 2016 Re-Imagine Education for its approach and technology aimed to strengthen teaching skills with enhanced self-awareness and personalized professional development for every teacher!

“Most of the investment in education technology is targeting the student, often ignoring the powerful role technology can play in improving the effectiveness of teachers and principals in enhancing the learning of all students,” said Ilya Zeldin, 2gno.me CEO. “Lynn and Richard understand the missing link of technology in strengthening the impact of teachers and principals.  Their broad knowledge of educators, school districts, and state policy will be invaluable to expand our growth and value in the education sector.”

For more than 15 years, Lynn Gershman has been a trailblazer for teachers, first as a classroom teacher and then in improving professional development to impact student learning.  Now a PhD candidate at the University of Denver, Lynn aims to strengthen education through technology by finally connecting teachers’ professional development to their evaluation to make the process useful to teachers and their ability to improve their students’ learning.

Richard Laine was previously Director of Education at the National Governors Association and before that, served as the Director of Education for The Wallace Foundation, where he led its initiative aimed at strengthening the quality of education leadership and its connection to improving student achievement. Prior to his position at Wallace, Richard was the Director of Education Policy and Initiatives at the Illinois Business Roundtable, the Associate Superintendent for Policy, Planning and Resource Management at the Illinois Board of Education and the Executive Director at the Coalition for Educational Rights.

“I am excited by the potential 2gno.me brings to enhancing the effectiveness of both teachers and principals by personalizing their professional development and doing it at scale,” Laine said. “This online platform has the power and flexibility to finally enable districts to tailor PD and mentoring to each of their teachers’ and principals’ specific needs so they can have even greater impact on their students,” Laine continued.”

For more information about 2gno.me Education, visit https://2gno.me

2gnō.me (“To know me”) is a technology platform that offers soft skills intelligence around critical classroom teaching behaviors such as collaboration, creativity, communication, and leadership. Gold award winner at 2016 Re-Imagine Education. For more information, visit https://2gno.me.

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